Lamco Services: Your venture capital provider, where resources and support are key for the self-employed and SMEs, because we start where banks stop! 

Lamco Services brings together venture capital for the self-employed and SMEs, far beyond the limitations of traditional banks, offering not only finance but also support!


Venture capital for the self-employed and SMEs

Lamco Services, where banks reach their limits, we start!

Not all financing needs can be met by traditional banks.
Sometimes the risk is too high or sufficient guarantees are lacking.

In such cases, venture capital offers a possible solution, and we may be able to serve you.
Lamco Services provides venture capital to small independents and SMEs.

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Venture capital combined with support for self-employed and SMEs

Lamco Services offers not only venture capital but also comprehensive support to small self-employed people and SMEs.
In addition to capital, we provide management support in the form of strategic, operational and financial advice, based on our experience with various companies. 

We use our extensive network of contacts that a company can rely on.

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Advantages of venture capital for the self-employed and SMEs

Venture capital, offered by Lamco Services, offers significant benefits for the self-employed and SMEs.

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