Provision of risk capital

Lamco Services specialises in providing venture capital, giving companies access to financial resources that may not be readily available elsewhere. This enables companies to grow and meet challenges even when traditional financial institutions are hesitant.

In situations where the risk is considered too high or where there are limited guarantees, venture capital becomes a viable option. This form of financing is provided through temporary equity participation, subordinated loans or the subscription to a bond (convertible or non-convertible) issued by the company. Such financing mechanisms strengthen the company's equity.

Venture capital combined with support for self-employed and SMEs

Besides providing venture capital, Lamco Services offers comprehensive business advice and guidance. Our expertise covers strategic, operational and financial aspects, based on years of experience and successful collaborations with various companies. 

Growth and diversification 

Over the years, our range of services has expanded, mainly due to the growing demand from family-related companies. Companies such as UnitronGroup, Soncotra, DDI Services and Fitness Centre Daysworkout have benefited from our support and contributed to the diversification of our services.


Family engagement

At the core of Lamco Services are Willy Lamaire, together with his wife Chris Heyte, as owner and patriarch. The involvement of their five children as co-owners strengthens our family ties and inspires customer relationships, rooted in their own business activities.

At Lamco Services, we strive to be a trusted partner not only by providing financial resources but also by offering valuable advice and guidance for our clients' success.

Investment parameters:

  • Funding range: €50,000 to €500,000
  • Free intake interview

Advantages of venture capital for the self-employed and SMEs

Venture capital, offered by Lamco Services, offers significant benefits for the self-employed and SMEs.