Increase your efficiency and reduce your energy bills with advanced battery storage

Battery Storage Systems and Renewable Energy

Lamco Services NV has a department focused on renewable energy projects. This branch includes both the installation and investment in sustainable energy projects, at its own locations and at 3rd party sites. 

Our focus is on SMEs, industry, and agriculture. 

The starting point is a battery solution that absorbs fluctuations in renewable energy production and allows energy trading solutions. We often combine this battery with the installation of solar panels or small wind turbines. An extension of the existing renewable energy production is evaluated if feasible.


Why choose an Industrial Battery?

  • For everything a battery does: store electricity (when there is a surplus and it is cheap) to use it later (when there is more need and it costs more).
  • To compensate for peak consumption (peak shaving) and save on (network) costs.
  • By allowing independent external control of the battery, additional income can be generated by contributing to grid balancing. This shortens the payback period.

BESS - Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Why choose Lamco (Renewable Energy) Services?

  • Use of Belgian/European quality products: Octave battery systems and Kaco inverters.
  • Guarantees – technical expertise.
  • Independent and powerful remote monitoring, without long-term commitment to a specific electricity supplier. Free choice of energy supplier.
  • Financing: both in-house financing and third-party financing via Lamco Services are options.
  • Experience with linking to solar panels and charging stations/fast chargers.
  • In-house knowledge of technical as well as financial aspects. Professional approach.
  • Short payback periods thanks to various trading options.

Example - implementation and investment

Solar panels, charging stations, fast charger, and battery system for office facilities in Poperinge.

  • Solar panels: 50 kWp installed + 100 kWp extension
  • Fast charger, 2 x 150 kW
  • Battery system, 968 kWh (4 x 242 kWh). 

The battery storage optimizes local energy demand, reducing electricity costs and maximizing the financial return of existing solar panels. This makes it attractive to further expand the PV installation, which is financially advantageous and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, the battery reduces the peak demand for electricity needed for the fast charger. The system also provides a significant amount of power for balancing the distribution or transmission grid.

Thanks to this thoughtful and integrated approach, the payback periods are short.

Lamco Services: Octave Energy Partner and Installer of battery storage systems

At Lamco Services, we partner with Octave Energy for renewable energy solutions.
As an official installer, we offer complete services from consulting to maintenance.

Choose reliable and efficient energy solutions with Lamco Services and Octave Energy.

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